Your New Favorite Hobby in Three Simple Steps

As the grandchild of a college English professor and the daughter of an English teacher, I had very little room to argue over which books I liked and which books were a bit more lucrative and would further my education. The shelf life of my Captain Underpants series was considerably short-lived in comparison to the novels that took its place. It all began when I was just 14 years old and my mother recommended I read the story of Little Women. Louisa May Alcott’s story, unbeknownst to me at the time, forever left an impression on my mind. Having stubbornly declared that I would choose my own summer reading books (or at least the ones required by the school), I agreed to give the book a chance, and that’s where my addiction began.

I remember the hours passing like minutes. Once I finished Little Women, I sought out more. The Catcher in the Rye, Pride and Prejudice, 1985, and even The Time Machine quickly filled up my bookshelf. I carried them to school, friends houses and even basketball practice.

Though my story may seem weird, and even a bit nerdy, I have become quite passionate about reading. Unfortunately after graduating high school, I found myself reading fewer and fewer books. My college workload was overwhelming which left me very little leisure reading time. But I learned to rekindle the flame with my favorite hobby using these three easy tricks:

Trick #1:

One of the best parts about living on a college campus is the free newspapers that are available every day. Each morning, I would force myself to read (or skim at the very least) one article about something I found interesting. Fashion week articles were always my favorite! This was my way of slowly getting back in the groove of reading, especially when my schoolwork took precedents. Though it’s intimidating, the New York Times is a great place to start!

Trick #2:

I am a terrible impulse shopper. Whenever I’m out, I buy something that I think could be useful or fun to have, but in reality it sits in the back corner of a drawer or on a shelf in my closet. I figured I’d put my shopping habits to good use and buy books I heard about from a book review website (my next purchase). As a result, my bookshelf is now lined with classic novels and bestsellers. I am slowly reading my way through the shelf, but I found this to be a simple way to pick up a book again.

Trick #3:

This may not be the most feasible option for everyone, but eReaders are a great way to take your books on the go. I was given an iPad mini for Christmas last year, and I read three books in the first week alone! The best part of it all is that iBooks offers a free book section with excellent classics and up-and-coming authors. There was a great selection for me to pick through and I didn’t have to pay a dime.


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